Class: Warrior
Character: Neutralny Evil
Distinguishing Marks: Low charisma, terrible luck with all dice rolls.
Description (Player): Headstrong and defiant, he is a pain in the neck of every Game Master.
Description (Character): Straightforward, greedy dwarf. Overcompensates for an intellectual deficiency with physical strength.

After years of failing to gather gold, experience points and high levels (thanks to the Game Master but also due to his own bad luck), he decided to replace his axe for a hatchet and became a simple lumberjack.


Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Distinguishing Marks: Reticent, has a companion named Puff.
Description: He calls himself the embodiment of the transcendental concept of evil. In the name of higher goals, he tolerated the rest of the fellowship, whom he considers to be slow-witted lower life-forms.
He hasn’t been heard from since the disintegration of the fellowship. Those who know him, such as the unsympathetic Paladin, know it may only mean the proverbial calm before the storm.


Class: Paladin
Alignment: Chaotic good
Distinguishing Marks: High charisma
Description: Charismatic, extremely opinionated, bringer of light and slayer of known evils (including the one nesting among the fellowship).

For distinguished service in fighting evil, the ruler of Kreslav granted him an estate, including a fortress. Since then he has been a harsh, but just master of his demesne. It’s said that he’s not forgotten about his old conflicts with Necromancer and he is still trying to seek him out…


Class: Druid / Ranger
Alignment: True Neutral
Distinguishing Marks: Sensible
Description: Despite being the most reasonable person in the entire group, she is the least appreciated. She is discriminated for her sex as well as her race.

Wherever she is now, she must be ensuring that there is balance and harmony with nature in the lands.


Class: Bard / Rogue
Alignment: Neutral Good
Distinguishing Marks: Low HP, lack of combat skills
Description: “N00b” – this nickname is given to him by the Dwarf, and accurately shows the manner in which he finds himself in the game world. Naive and somewhat timid, he was a good soul in the fellowship and not as useless as he might seem.

He was travelling the world to find good material for a story, so he could become famous in all the lands. Then one day something happened that made him search out his old companions and convince them to once again embark on an adventure.
This is where the story begins…