What are Role Playing Games (RPG)?

It’s best to find answer on wikipedia. In a nutshell: players are role-playing fictional characters that live in a world described in RPG manuals that also defines game mechanics. Characters’ abilities are determined by statistics.¬†Events are created and portrayed to players by a Game Master.

In what RPG world does the comic take place?

There isn’t a specific one. World created in the comic is a patchwork of rules, which you can come across in various systems – traditional Pen and Paper ones) as well as those from cRPG games.

How often do you add new episodes?

Currently – every Thursday. Unless in “news” I will inform otherwise (for example – during bank holidays updates might be more frequent).

What software do you use to create the comic?

Since the very beginning, it constantly is Photoshop. The difference between older and newer episodes comes from possibilities of new software versions as well as the author’s better knowledge of that software.