Comic history

Greetings, RPG enthusiasts! Welcome to ROTFL Playing Games!

This is the story of a fellowship of heroes told in loosely-connected comic strips, inspired by RPG sessions in various systems (such as Earthdawn, Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons). From its release in 2005-2008 this comic was only available in Polish, but now we are in the process of translating the newest series. In the future we are planning to translate some of the older strips which will also undergo a graphical redesign.For now – after a few years’ rest, a fellowship at odds with itself is once again attempting to unite and embark on a campaign against the evil rampaging through the northern land of Northia.Meet the team! The characters are each played by members of the game, over whom the sadistic and domineering Game Master watches. The Game Master is the creator of the world and the story, and the players must each perform their role in it.