About comic




Function: R(otfl)PG creator – dialogues and graphics
RPG experience: Nowadays mostly cRPGs. Once a good amount of RPG sessions in systems like Earthdawn and Warhammer, a couple of “play by forum” Star Wars sessions and sporadically AD&D.
RPG avatar: In ED – elf swordsman who was gathering scars almost like Rotflpg dwarf. In Warhammer randomly created elf sailor. In CRPG it differs – lately I enjoy characters that can use magic.
Real life occupation: Enginner in Automotive department
Hobbies: cRPG, cars, Muay Thai



Function: omnipotent administrator of R(otfl)PG website
RPG experience: It started with simple pen & paper games that I played with friends. set in made up fantasy systems. later on broadened by PBIRC. Most of the time I dedicated to RPG sessions during my university studies. Nowadays I play less often. CRPG was never my thing. My favourite systems are Shadowrun 4th edition, WoD, Vampire: the Masquerade, Klanarchy and Monastyr.
RPG avatar: Mostly elves, I guess. My favourite character  and longest lived one) was Enoch Arden – elf technomancer from Shadowrun.
Everyday occupation: Software Developer
Hobby: Reading, programming (yeah), origami.



Function: Translator
RPG experience: Pen & Paper game sessions with university friends, later on Neverwinter Nights on various online servers (till this day). Dungeons and dragons is the only system I have ever played. Apart from that a couple of CRPGs like Witcher and Mass Effect.
RPG avatar: Shadowdancer rogue halfling, not much different from the Rotflpg Noob 😀 Especially that it reminds me of my noob’s times and how I messed up my build (…with a little help of my friends!) If I am not playing sneaks, I usually go for bards, either way – always the support type of a player.
Everyday life occupation: Architectural technician
Hobby: Writing, drawing, traveling, widely understood science-fiction, in short: remorseless dreamer
What would be your real-life themesong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmKd_P1qGIA
Random fact that not many people know about you: I sing out loud when driving alone in my car.
Function in RotflPG: Proofreader of English translations
RPG experience: 15 years in various CRPGs starting from Baldur’s Gate 2, and too many to name. Tabletop Dungeons & Dragons (3rd ed) from ten years ago, have since played many systems including World of Darkness, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, Eclipse Phase, D&D 4e and 5e, and other more obscure systems. Lately, NWN and the Witcher series.
RPG avatar: Velden, the elven rogue.
Real Life occupation: Bartender
Hobbies: Reading, writing, rock-climbing, martial arts, slacking off instead of working and of course, gaming.
Random fact that not many people know about you: Secretly I am a vampire.